Staff Focus: Miss Leavy

Staff Focus: Miss Leavy

Miss Grace Leavy
Class Teacher

Since qualifying as a teacher in 2014, I have taught in British schools across both years of Key Stage One. I, therefore, have a sound understanding of the progression and journey that the children go on academically, socially and emotionally at this age range. It is a pleasure to see the noticeable progress and personal growth that children demonstrate at this age. I feel that it’s important children are enthused by what they are learning and given real-life contexts and experiences to frame their educational journey. I enjoy supporting children through a learning process by using concrete resources, pictorial methods, and problem-solving strategies. I believe in supporting the ‘whole’ child and I am committed to providing a safe, caring and positive learning space for all pupils in my care; to grow into confident individuals and passionate learners.

Having completed an English degree, I believe in promoting a high standard of spoken and written English and have experience of teaching reading through Phonics. I have a keen interest in reading which is conveyed through my teaching and I act as a positive role model to encourage young readers.

About Grace

Personally, I am a very energetic and enthusiastic individual with a variety of hobbies. I enjoy sports and keeping fit and healthy. I exercise regularly by visiting the gym and running. I have run two half marathons in the last year and like to take part in mud runs and obstacle courses in my free time. I very much look forward to running around the streets of Lisbon and exploring new areas. I also like to hula hoop and go to aerial hoop classes for fun. In addition to sports, I very much enjoy being creative and studied art throughout my schooling. I paint pottery, sketch and take photographs. Exploring new places excites me and I love to discover new countries and experience new cultures. When I am relaxing, reading is my favourite pastime and I am never happier than with my nose buried in a book. To quote the words of C.S. Lewis ‘You can never get a cup of tea large enough or a book long enough to suit me’.

What the students say about me

Miss Leavy is intelligent and very helpful.
Miss Leavy is the kindest teacher that I have ever met.
Miss Leavy makes me happy because every day that I come to school I smile and I never stop liking your lessons.
Miss Leavy always has a smile on her face.