Staff Focus: Mrs Hubbard

Staff Focus: Mrs Hubbard

Prior to BSL opening its doors to students this coming September, we would like to introduce the members of our team in a bi-weekly article. Below is the first of our Staff Focus series, in which you will learn a little more about our people.

Since qualifying as a teacher in 2003, I have taught at schools in London, Brighton and Beijing. I completed the Primary Maths Specialist Teacher Programme (Post Graduate Certificate in Education Studies) which allowed me to explore in more depth the ways in which children learn and how we can develop a creative Maths curriculum in primary schools. I have held a number of leadership positions and continue to develop professionally, including undertaking a number of Leadership Programmes.

I am passionate about teaching and learning and providing the best possible education for every child; enabling them to fulfil their potential and prepare them for a successful future. In my role as Head of Primary at BSB Sanlitun, I led teaching and learning across Primary and fostered an environment where there were no limits to what the children could achieve. I believe we should be ambitious for all students, academically, socially and personally. I am excited about delivering this philosophy at BSL.

About Me

My friends and family say I am going through a YOLO phase – You Only Live Once! Since, my children are now adults themselves, I have taken the opportunity to widen my experiences as an educator and make the most of travel opportunities. I believe that life is all about stepping outside your comfort zone so that you are continually learning and developing as a person. I enjoy walking and I am looking forward to exploring the beautiful areas around Lisbon.

What Students Say About Me

Mrs Hubbard loves Maths and we love Maths too.
Mrs Hubbard helps me to be the best that I can be.
Mrs Hubbard has been a friendly face since the very first day I arrived at the school.