Staff Focus | Mrs Serra

Staff Focus | Mrs Serra

Mrs Susana Serra
Portuguese Teacher

I graduated as a Primary School Teacher in 2008 and worked in several primary schools in Lisbon. Having worked with children that did not have Portuguese as their mother tongue and noticing how it affected their integration in school and their academic success led me to try and learn more about language acquisition.

In 2013, I finished my Master Degree in Teaching Portuguese as a Second and Foreign Language. Six years ago, I and my family moved to Germany where I worked as an English Native Speaker in a Bilingual School.

Assuming the role of Portuguese Teacher at British School of Lisbon gives me the chance to share my passion for the Portuguese language and culture with foreign students. From my experience, a language can be learnt most efficiently when students are highly motivated, which is ensured by providing a happy, playful and challenging environment. I am thrilled about having students engaged in the process of learning Portuguese taking advantage of what BSL has to offer, as a modern and forward-thinking school.

About Mrs Serra

I am originally from Lisbon but the last six years of my life were spent in Hamburg, Germany with my husband and my daughter.

I love to cook and bake for my loved ones but please do not ask me for Pastel de Nata recipe – no one really knows how it is done. We only know it is delicious and pairs very well with the typical bica (espresso).

I love reading and creative writing. In Germany I led a storytelling project for children in Portuguese.

Whenever I can, I travel. Some of the most unforgettable places I have been are Indonesia, Cambodia and Vietnam. On my bucket list are Costa Rica and Mozambique.

What the students say about me

“Mrs Serra is very funny when she sings.”
“I went to London and I spoke with people there because you taught me English.”
“You are always smiling!”
“I like when you tell us stories.”