Staff Focus – Sam Heger

Staff Focus – Sam Heger

I recently graduated with a BSc in Animal Behaviour from Exeter University. Throughout my studies, and since graduating, I have worked with charities and research organizations in several countries on animal and endangered species conservation projects. I have worked with lots of different animals from Great Green Macaws to Tasmanian Devils. However my favourite animal by far is the Asian elephant with which I worked in Thailand.

The projects have involved a combination of pure research, hands on work at rescue sanctuaries as well as outreach and education programmes with local communities.

I have experience of working in international schools, having regularly worked as an assistant at summer schools since I was 16. Prior to my last conservation placement, l undertook a maternity cover and worked for three months as the Learning Support Assistant in a Year 2 class of 20 international children.  

About Sam                                                  

My family is British, but I grew up in Portugal studying at international schools in the Lisbon area.

I have a passion for travel and have been lucky enough to be able to combine it with my studies and work as a conservationist. I am now considering a change of direction, and am hoping to pursue a teaching career. I´m looking forward to working at the British School of Lisbon and being involved in the exciting start of a brand new school.

I’m also looking forward to living in Portugal again and exploring a bit more of the country I call home.  I regularly play football (badly) and I´m hoping to get back to playing rugby with my old team.