Teaching Staff

It is the school’s policy to employ teachers with outstanding professional credentials from the UK with relevant experience delivering the English National Curriculum (ENC). On occasion, the school will also hire exceptional teachers with other internationally recognised qualifications and British curriculum experience.

To be qualified, teachers must possess a degree (usually a 3-4 year course at a noted UK University) coupled with a specialised and relevant Educational/Teaching diploma issued by a reputable institution (often a one-year postgraduate qualification). Alternatively, teachers take a specialised four-year teaching degree, leading to Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) qualification.

Teachers of our Early Years section must hold a diploma of Early Childhood studies (usually two years).

Each teacher in EYFS / Primary also has the support of a full-time native or fluent English speaking Teaching Assistant. This approach helps ensure that the highest quality of teaching and learning takes place in our classrooms, particularly in the areas of language, literacy and numeracy. All teachers are supported by administration staff and are given professional development by UK-based experts throughout the year.

BSL Leadership Team


David Laird


I am delighted to be the founding Headmaster of The British School of Lisbon. The Schools Trust is an ambitious organisation and has an excellent track record of building highly successful international schools.


Zoe Hubbard

Deputy Headteacher

I am passionate about teaching and learning and providing the best possible education for every child; enabling them to fulfil their potential and prepare them for a successful future.

BSL Class Teachers


Elodie Ebersveiller

Class Teacher

I am delighted to be a part of this dynamic international school, dedicated to helping every child be successful. I look forward to helping my pupils become confident, inquisitive and ambitious learners.

british-international-school-lisbon-staff profile-grace-leavy

Grace Leavy

Class Teacher

I feel that it’s important children are enthused by what they are learning. I have a keen interest in reading which is conveyed through my teaching and I act as a positive role model to encourage young readers.


Jack Barber

Class Teacher

Teaching purposeful lessons, packed with intrigue and opportunity for pupils to lead their own learning, is my key driver as a teacher. Previous roles have enabled my creative spirit, something I aim to bring to BSL,


Lorna Jackson

Class Teacher

I decided at a young age that I wanted to become a teacher. I developed a firm belief that children should be taught to be independent learners, to embrace new challenges and to become respectful members of the school.


Michelle Clough

Class Teacher

After graduating with a BA (Hons) Primary Education with English Literature, I embarked on my exciting teaching career. I have had the opportunity to work with children from a range of backgrounds.

BSL Specialist Teachers


Allen Hubbard

EAL / PE Teacher

I really enjoy the variety of teaching across different year groups and aim to inspire children to learn English with great topic based learning and by establishing a really positive rapport between teachers and pupils.


Colette Dutot

Music Teacher

I am passionate about creating a learning environment where everyone flourishes, takes creative risk and discovers themselves as a musician. I will craft a visionary and vibrant music department for students at BSL.


Susana Serra

Portuguese Teacher

As the Portuguese Teacher at BSL, it gives me the chance to share my passion for the Portuguese language. From my experience, a language can be learnt most efficiently when students are highly motivated and happy.

BSL Teaching Assistants


Raquel Paixão

Teaching Assistant

My experience in the Education field started in 2006, in Lisbon, where I had the opportunity to work as an English Teacher at 3 different Elementary schools. Working with children proved to be extremely satisfying to me.


Sam Heger

Teaching Assistant

I recently graduated with a BSc in Animal Behaviour from Exeter University. Throughout my studies, and since graduating, I have worked in several countries on animal conservation projects.

BSL Administration


Nicola Carvalho

Office Manager

I am delighted to work for The British School of Lisbon and to be a part of such a passionate, enthusiastic and forward thinking team. I am excited to see our school and students grow in the coming years.


We are always delighted to hear from prospective parents that are considering our international school for their children’s education. Please do not hesitate to call us on the phone number above or select from the options below.

You can ask us a question, arrange a school visit (instant confirmation), or make a formal application to join the school. Please click one of the buttons below to make contact with our admissions department. Note: As an international school we conduct admissions placement all year. Applications for the academic year 2019-2020 are for children in Nursery (3 years old) through to Year 4 (8-9 years old), in 2020-2021 we will also offer Year 5 (9-10 years old.), we will continue to add year groups each and every year until we achieve full secondary school.


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